V.A.: Altın Kaniş Klübü
Label: Staatsakt/Pudel Produkte
Format: 12inch EP
Compiled and annotated by Booty Carrell
Released 2016
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V.A.: Uzelli Psychedelic Anadolu
Label: Uzelli
Format: LP/CD and DL
Released 2017
Compiled by Kornelia Binicevicz
Linernotes (partly) and advice: Booty Carrell
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The Sky Cried: Persian 45s Of The Vinyl Era
CDR limited to 70 copies
mixed by Booty Carrell
released 2014 in Japan only
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Booty Carrell & Viktor Marek: Check The Horse
Label: Staatsakt/Pudel Produkte
Format: 7inch Single/DL
Artwork: Mimiyo Tomozawa
Released 2011
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Augsburger Tafelconfect w/ Andrew Sharpley & Mauro Pawlowski:
Friendly Mohawk Tastes Maaloxan

Label: Nneon
Format 7inch Single
Released 2006
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Felix Kubin/Sebastian Reier: Die Modestrecke
Label: Gesteigerter Ertragswinkel
Format: Businesscard styled CDR
limited to 10 copies (I have none)
Released 2005
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But don’t buy it – it was a joke!
We’re just talking about clothes on this.
Augsburger Tafelconfect: Hamburger 8 EP
Label: Ultra Eczema
Format: CDR
Released in 2004
recorded live at Radio Centraal Antwerp
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Augsburger Tafelconfect/Drop The Lime: Radio Worm 58
Label: Worm
Format CDR split release
recorded live at Radio Worm Rotterdam (Drop The Lime – May 5 2004
and Augsburger Tafelconfect November 13 2004)
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Augsburger Tafeclonfect: Fusion In The Slaughterhaus
Label: Nneon / released 2004
Format: enhanced CDR
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